Pipes made of Polyethylene are flexible even at low temperature and have good adaptability to uneven underground. It is light in weight and its black color made it highly resistant to UV radiation. HDPE pipe is impact resistant and has more abrasion resistance than metal pipes. It is non-toxic and extremely resistant to chemicals, solvents, micro-organisms and radioactive waste water. Due to its high dielectric features, HDPE pipes are absolutely insensible to stray currents. Load losses remain very minimal because no concretions of any kind are produced aside from its extremely low inner roughness coefficient. It is become widely adopted in a variety of piping systems and are rapidly replacing most conventional pipes. HDPE pipes proved very successful in the main potable water supply, plumbing, drainage & sewerage, sprinkler & drip irrigation systems, fire fighting networks, underwater piping system, laboratories, electrical conduits & fiber-optic ducts and gas distribution. It has a broad variety of industrial applications including the chemical industry, crude oil, mine slurry transportation and many other applications.